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SERIES: Resident Evil Link to Wiki
CANON POINT: Just after she's infected with the G virus no thanks to William Birkin
AGE: 13
APPEARANCE: She's a blond haired girl, dressed in blue shorts, sneakers, and a blue and white top (Mun is sooooo going with School uniform idea!)

PERSONALITY: Personality wise Sherry Birkin shows that she is a true survivor, first by hiding when she notices there’s trouble. Most kids around her age would probably freak out, and most likely get themselves killed. It is also clear that she had to grow up fast. Her parents both work for Umbrella and she seems to spend most of the time before Claire finds her alone, or else she would have had someone else looking for her as well (gods know it wouldn’t have been Annette or William, both seemed more interested in their work than getting their little girl to safety).

Even though she was alone she had figured out how to feed herself without too much risk, this wasn’t that hard as long as the power stayed on, even without power, some prepackaged foods keep a while. As for shelter?  She was small enough to get into the air vents of the building, which would also give her access to rooms she could hide from the zombies in, giving her safe havens if she needed them since Zombies can’t open doors. This also shows that she thinks things out, after all being able to figure out a way into the vents to start with shows that she’s brighter than most kids.  Though she watches her fair share of movies, how else do you think she’d think of the air vents to hide in instead of just trying every door hoping for an unlocked one.

When Claire does meet up with her for the first time, Sherry seems more worried about Claire’s safety because there’s a monster after her. Claire encounters Sherry in the sewage area later and Sherry shows that she cares about her parents refusing to leave because she heard William calling to her. Stubbornly she tells Claire she can take care of herself. It's the first point in the game where Sherry reinstates the fact that she is just a child trying to act like an adult and deal with things on her own. Also shows that she's a bit stubborn when it comes to asking for help. This does get her into a little trouble, but nothing more dangerous than she was already in just being in Raccoon during the outbreak.

She was probably in some team sport so that she wasn’t in the house alone all the time, after all her parents were hardly around being so busy at work. I can see she was in softball or soccer, something that involved a lot of running to start out with if only because she is able to keep up with Leon and Claire even though she’s tired.  If she was a bookworm all through school I can’t see her being able to do that, even though she is young.  Doesn’t mean she’s overly athletic, just means she wasn’t always sitting at home.  Though she is bright for a child her age, which means she read a lot at least.  Or maybe Wesker taught her some things when she spent any time with him, which is more likely in head canon, Wesker probably taught her how to keep safe and she just worked off the basic every day skills she had been taught by him, not using the scream for help bit because hello, monsters that wouldn't think twice about eating a little kid, but the rest of the basic skills he taught her would have been useful in the city. 

The few times she drops the ‘tough girl’ act and clings to Claire crying mostly because she’s tired and scared, considering the experiences she has during the incident in Raccoon City it’s understandable. The fact she makes it through the entire situation without getting hurt too badly, without a weapon shows that she doesn't need the act to survive. True she had help from Leon and Claire, but she did help them escape as well, climbing through the train to help pull a switch while her father in his monstrous form was trying to destroy the three of them showed even though she was terrified she was willing to do what needed to be done in order to escape.

Before her world went upside down I can see Sherry, in what time she did have with her parents, made the best of it, after all she knew if her parents were taking the time out of work to spend time with her it was a special occasion.  She did her best to make sure that she didn’t get into trouble in school, after all if it wasn’t her parents going to get her it would be Wesker, and she didn’t want lectures about how misbehaving would land her in jail or worse. 

ABILITIES: Sherry’s small size makes it easier for her to sneak around smaller spaces, or climb through gaps that adults can’t, she proves this ducking into the air duct after throwing Claire her locket, and again on the train when she crawls to the controls of the train to stop it from moving when her father’s chowing down on it.
She’s an expert at hiding (Insert TWD where’s Karl joke here), first she was hiding from the infected in the police station, and it seems most of the game after she encounters Claire and Leon they’re always looking for her (Again where's Karl joke sorry can't help it!).

Sherry has the unfortunate luck (Or fortunate depends on how you look at it) of being compatible with the G virus. If she hadn’t been she would have been destroyed by it shortly after Birkin infected her, instead she manages to hold on long enough for Claire to give her the Devil Shot.

She’s resourceful and smarter than most kids her age. When people started getting sick in the police station she hid, sneaking out of her hiding place to get snacks when she was hungry, but managing to stay away from the infected. She’s also a little more athletic than most kids her age; she doesn’t seem to slow Leon and Claire down despite being smaller. Maybe it’s because of all the chocolate she was eating while hiding, and all the sodas. Has to be it right?

Also her lighter weight, makes it easier for her to move across surfaces most adults wouldn't be able to. This means if there's a tool that's needed in an area the adults can't walk to on the ship, I can see her being able to work her way across the dangerous surfaces to get them, she wouldn't be afraid because of the danger.

And because Wesker and Leon both said it… She’s cute. It counts as an ability right? Would you really want to be the one to make her cry? Really? 

Her locket - Which has a sample of the G virus
Lunch money (Only about five bucks, mostly change)
and a pack of m&m's stuffed into a pocket
Two clips of handgun ammo (She picked them up thinking they'd be helpful to Leon or Claire)
So much has happened since Mom called the school having me leave it… Going home wasn’t bad really.  Though as soon as I made it inside she told me to fetch the locket Daddy had given me for my birthday.  Then I was supposed to go to the police station.  I think she forgot that Uncle Wesker and his S.T.A.R.S. aren’t there anymore. 

Though I found them; kind of, more like he found me.  Daddy’s in this place I woke up in too, and Claire, and Leon.  Claire and Leon were in Raccoon with me.  Daddy’s better, he’s not sick anymore.  Though I’m currently put on bed rest because my tummy still hurts from what he gave me. 

It’s fine with me though.  I think I’d rather be back home with the zombies than here, there are things here that make them seem friendly.  I want Mom here, but… I know she’s dead.  I held her when she died.  I didn’t tell Dad though.  I couldn’t, actually, I haven’t said more than fifteen words to him.  I don’t know what to say.

There are others here though… Like Claire’s brother, and two other people that worked with Uncle Wesker at the police station.  Valentine and Chambers, there’s also people from places that aren’t home… I’ve only been here a few days and mostly with the people I know or in bed until they’re sure I’m going to be okay.  Way they talk though is scary, like I’m going to turn into one of those monsters we saw in the city.  I don’t want to be one of them… I hate worrying them, I’m not a baby and don’t want… Okay so I do want to make sure I’m okay, I just don’t want to make Claire sad.  She’s been so nice to me.

 She curled up in the vent covering her ears with her hands, it didn’t work with keeping the sound of the screams down.  Somewhere below her, probably in the main lobby she knew the sick were eating the others, making them sick.  She refused to listen to it anymore, after all none of them had listened to her when she suggested they try to keep away from the sick people.

“Daddy, Mom why haven’t you come to get me yet.”  She whispered, curling up tighter, she was hungry, but didn’t want to risk going to the vending machine, Irons had passed earlier talking about something having backfired, she had caught blood on his shirt and decided to wait until she was sure he wasn’t around before she ventured out again.  In the back of her mind she wondered where the Mayor’s daughter was, she was usually hanging off his arm fearfully.

It’s better this way, I don’t have to hear her crying about being scared.  I’m younger and I’ve stopped jumping at the shadows at least.  She thought hearing the screaming dying down.  She thought a moment, the break room near the detectives’ offices hadn’t been raided yet, it shouldn’t be that hard to crawl up a story to investigate it, and it would get her away from anyone else still walking around.  

Crawling through the vent she tried to remember her way around the floor she was on.  There was a vent that opened up in a stairwell, Sherry was pretty sure it was still open, since the only time the stairs were used were in an emergency.
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